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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review of New AHA Instructor Material 2013
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Review of New AHA Instructor Material 2013

CORE Curriculum is GONE!
The Core Curriculum is gone!  Thank God!  But…  Don’t get too excited yet, there is now an Instructor Essential Course for every discipline. Yes, that's I what I said, one for every discipline for new instructors moving forward.  If you are already an instructor, you don’t have to take the new Instructor Essentials, unless of course you see yourself as leadership, such as Regional Faculty or Training Center Faculty.  Leaders, the ones teaching the instructor courses must take the Instructor Essentials in order to maintain your leadership status.  We must be clear about what our students know, so we go the extra mile and smile!

New Instructor Essentials
If you only teach Heartsaver and BLS courses, you only need to take one Instructor Essential -- BLS.  However, if you are like me, an instructor in all disciplines, I will need to take BLS, ACLS, PALS and Pears.  I am still smiling.  Since I am the Training Center Coordinator, I will take the Heartsaver one too, so I know what my Heartsaver instructors are learning.  Smile with me.
So, some of you are already whining about having to learn something new.  Honestly, I can say that having taught for the AHA for 33 years now, I love the fact that this organization is constantly leading, guiding and training us to be better.  I love learning.  

Obtaining New Instructor Materials?
Before an instructor candidate shows up to an instructor course they need three things: (1) Provider Card in the discipline and (2) Certificate showing completion of the Instructor Essentials for that discipline and (3) Appropriate Instructor Manual (preferably the Instructor Package).

Training Centers have online access to: (1) new instructor course lesson maps, (2) agendas and (3) candidate workbooks.  The appropriate course DVD can be purchased from Channing Bete. The group package for all disciplines is $35.00 and the individual DVD for a single discipline cost approximately $15.00 each. The way the instructor materials coincide with lesson maps makes sense and will help every Training Center do a much better job of training their instructors.  We are excited about using this new material!

Important Note!
All TCF and RF must take the appropriate Instructor Essentials BEFORE they teach an instructor the new course.  Deadline to transition to the new materials is August 31, 2013

This Blog's Goal
We are a professional group of people that are for the most part self-governing entepernuers.  The trend has been that large organizations are disassociating independent/entrepernurial instructors - Where does the small independent Instructor go?  We provide a place and we have a plan to transform the current trend.  This plan starts with the need to network together, like Kentucky Fried Chicken does with Taco Bell, if we are going to be effective.

AHA's Business Model
The AHA has partnered with large corporations like Cintas and Zee Medical.  Rumor has it, the first year one of these organizations started with the AHA they sold approximately 12 million in AHA materials. Together, we can too!

AHA Instructor Network Model 
Together, you and I, can compete for national accounts.  Together we can deliver a higher quality.  Together we can group our buying power. Together you and I can become viable, strong players in this business game.  

Please post your questions and answers for others to see.  We will share our ideas, goals and dreams and work together moving forward.  Submit your ideas and comments and we will work to get your words up on this blog. 


  • Working Together On National Accounts
  • Maintaining our Integrity 
  • Quality Credentialing Through Our Training Network
  • Creating a Dream Team Training Network